City of Laurel, Tri-Park Neighborhood Codes


Uncollected and unwrapped garbage has visual and health impacts.  To keep the Tri-Park Neighborhood District clean, garbage must not be allowed to accumulate in such a way as to create a fire, health or other safety hazard.

Trash shall be placed in garbage cans with tight fitting lids, plastic garbage bags or cardboard boxes.

Leaves, yard clilppings, pine straw, tree branches, shrubbery, cardboard boxes and brush shall be piled neagtly at the garbage site.

Discarded furniture, appliances with doors removed, water heaters, mattresses, bed springs and other large objects shall be kept in a place not visible from the street until arrangements have been made with the city.

The garbage site shall be either in the alley or front street whichever the city determines.

Property owneers or occupants are responsible for maintaining the garbage collection area i a clean and neat manner.

A household shall not be allowed to have more than three (3) thirty (30) gallon containers of garbage per pick up day.

The city of Laurel will not pick up the following items:

Source:  Standard Housing Code, 1997 Edition, Section 307.4 and Laurel Code of Ordinances, Chapter 22, Solid Waste

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