Tri-Park Neighborhood Association
 January, 2006


Next meeting:  We will notify members in January regarding the date of the next meeting at the Rogers-Green House.

Extensive Tree Damage in Laurel

The city lost approximately 500 trees on the right-a-way (sidewalk to the street) FEMA has identified approx. 2000 trees that are so damaged they impose a threat to the safety of all the citizens and will be cut down.  

Gardiner Park was the hardest hit of all parks losing over 100 trees. Most of the trees lost during the storm were water oaks and pine trees. The city will not plant more water oaks or pine trees.  The city will only plant live oaks has they have a much deeper and stronger root system.

You will notice as you ride around Laurel, most of the trees that survived Katrina were live oaks.  The city usually begins planting in the fall, but due to the clean up effort planting will begin in the spring.  It will take all of us working together to restore Laurel to its beauty as it was before Katriana.

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Tri-Park Neighborhood Meeting


Date: Tuesday, March 28th

Place: Rogers Green House

Time: 5:30 pm


  1. Live Oak Trees. We will take orders for 25-gallon live oaks (6-7 year old tree that stands about 12 feet). The purchase price is $100 per tree, payable now for Fall delivery and planting by the City. By ordering now, we can get the best selection and price as the demand for these trees is increasing. The city will plant 1 to 2 trees in front of your house between curb and sidewalk – usual space is 30 – 40 feet between trees.

Make your check payable to City of Laurel and write on check the number of trees (1 or 2) and address where they are to be planted. This is a tax deductible donation to the city to replace the canopy live oaks lost from Katrina.

  1. Follow up on residential ordinance enforcement. New inspector hired, but ordinances are not being enforced! Bring list of complaints to meeting. Need volunteers to attend city council meeting.

  1. Spring Clean Up tentatively scheduled for April 15th, Saturday, 8 am – noon, to be followed by a picnic for workers at either Euclid or Gardner Park. Will discuss planning at the meeting on Tuesday.

It’s your neighborhood, you must make a difference!

Bring yourself and a friend Tuesday

3-28-06 @ 5:30!